is the difference between two people with the same elegance. Not following the rules is a sign that you have no class. And unless you are a mute your words spoken give this part of you away. You can witness this effect greatly within the uneducated urban areas within america. Mainly the south but also within large city areas where the emphasis on proper English is a sign that you are noble. Sermo Nobilis is highly disrespected within the lower classes. Exactly the same as vulgar speech is disrespected in the upper classes.


How people view you is one way to look at your possessions . How they treat you is another way that these possessions alter your life . It is right to believe in form and function uniting as one within the world of design . For where there is one with the lack of the other signifies the separation of heart and soul from a design . There is no real way of being right and wrong from opinions , but there certainly are varying degrees of respect that go missing along the way.


There are two ways that possessions make you feel . Admired and admonished . If you can connect with nature and revel in its' intricacies then you have the best of both worlds at your finger tips . Humans create and we thrive within these intricacies . Those who possess for the wealth of possessions are not entirely appreciating its value as art and the way it connects to us as a human . But then again there are varying degrees of respect in each way.