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This is the companies ideas and perceptions between people and the environment. The way our lives are made incredible. Life is extreme and this site will show you the extent of highlights in life as well as educational moments, in order to benefit society. Because really... what is the point in showing people how ordinary one can be and not how to succeed.


This company will allow commentary from viewers and we will be glad to respond to all comments. There will be: pictures, videos, testimonials, PDF's, theory and talks of all kinds. Please feel free to comment and view.


Hopefully this web page will inspire some to get up, stand up and put in effort to make a difference. Joining this struggle is encouraged no matter what your level of experience is. Learning is simple when taught from the students' interests.


Enjoy the site and feel free to request specific topics to be researched.

Structure            .:.

Studying properties will allow us to live in unison with nature.

Uniformity is unnatural. Physical  knowledge of how surface tension, under the velocity of an object in reference to the mass above and the angle of applied pressure onto a specific area of opposing forces, are the contributing factors to make an object Be. The action that allows for buoyancy without movement is called displacement. Airplanes use the accelerated movement of the ship to create pressure beneath the wing. Buildings use large foundations to stay vertical. Aerodynamics, thermodynamics and quantum dynamics all can illustrate each object in this city-scape above. How can each exist? How can a person function without anything supporting it? Only when a person becomes aware they have no structure do they become a part of society. People living together. Be is working to accomplish fine tuned societal structure.

Studying properties will allow us to achieve


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Neuron Refrigerant Trillion Quadrillion Quintillion Sextillion


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Event Horizon

At Home

Looking up into the night sky we find ourselves getting lost in the known universe. Unobtainable access to the largest area known to man. These pictures of the moon taken during a Lunar Eclipse in 2015. The earth and moon are in unison . The sun, the planets, the trees, even us people are all in unison. Nature destroys inorganic sequence. Never mind nature destroys organic sequences. Nature is random and if you find yourself out of place just remember, the moon fluctuates up and down as it cascades the heavens elliptical pathways. If you are starting to get an out of body experience this is good. Third person perspective is key to accelerating ones own ideas. It means you are intelligent and have evolved. Evolved past the feeling of inoculation. When the crushing blow of reality set in during your mid twenties. Right after you realized taxes were necessary; life got very real all too fast.