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A patriot for enterprise and an advocate for energy independence Beryllium Enterprise will become a leader in all aspects of tech. Our country needs major reform and we would like to be a part of the movement that get it to evolve properly. We believe the people's interests should be in charge of the countries foreign policy. We believe the citizens should be in charge of the countries laws. We believe the people should vote on whether to pass or veto bills, legislature and everything that is used in this country to ascertain a level of order. Business is inherently evil because profits do not care about the singular person. We need a new type of civilian. One that believes in war. Defensive war, not offensive. Look around and see nature's order being diluted by destructive acts from careless business practices and from lack of education. There is primarily good in the world and as an entity we see fit to get rid of the unnecessary evils that bring the rest of us down. There is a lack of standard education for a reason. To keep the people quiet and unable to form a substantial power to obstruct injustices. But if they thought they were in power then there would be no reason for them to take over. Our system is set up to bring about revolution after revolution after civil war after terrorist attack after global corporate takeover after cultural genocide after intellectual brainwashing. It's now possible to electronically layout the destructive history of the world and the reasons behind each incidence.  The world needs a set standards that are appropriate and are beneficial to each individual. Exactly like a set of standards that allow a job site to operate safely without anyone being hurt. This careful thought process has yet to be applied to education. Which is where the entire country needs to start its reform. Once children know that the world has a safe order of operations like in their math course then life can function more graciously from one phase to the next. People will start to see that fighting for a job by socially destroying someones reputation isn't the way to get ahead. But achieving a greater understanding of a subject and then proving it, is. The social aspect of our lives is concerning because we are not taught to watch out for the deceitful. Only the willful acceptance that what is taught is the truth. Our youth have no knowledge of corruption in the teachers that govern them directly. They have no idea of the corruption that leads their country. They have no education of how taxes are used and handed out to citizens of different countries. They have no idea that the social security that their parents have paid into their entire lives are being given out to non us citizens that have never once paid into social security. The government has created a sub-verse youth whom believes that everything in the world is normal and functions under a steady drum that flows evenly through history. Once they get out into the world they are stunned. Literally. This stunning action lasts for up to ten years, and in some cases is so severe that the individual is stunned indefinitely. Accepting the fact they are too small and too inoculate to make a difference. So many many years of a persons life are wasted during this transitional period that one quarter of our lives are based on obtuse thoughts of immediate wealth and secure adulthood's. The fact is though that children are not taught that adolescence is the foundation for adulthood. And cartoons and video games can be used to initiate this concept. We believe as an enterprise that if you influence a change from converting our reliance on fossil fuels to a lower cost green energy dependence with a sub-reliance on fossil fuels that can initiate a global time of peace and tranquility. Concerning a focus on technological ingenuity from our remedial education that will surpass all existent years' advances in education, we can achieve instead of deceive. Through electrical, mechanical and ideological ingenuity a proper education can bring about the security, livelihood and pride deteriorating within our nations. "Basically" create a utopia where people can prosper and live their lives while focusing on their hobbies which bring about benefits of change. This goal is only achievable if the people involved participate "willingly" through green practices at home, sexual austerity, exercise, meditation, and community organized events. Although sometimes people are destructive, we can initiate good through means of laws and order. 

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