You are the equipment operator

The equipment we use as people is a good point of contact to gather around. Similar people will advance in the same areas of physical activity. Bringing them into contact with different tools will help discover their subconscious paramour. Education lacks the very concept where a person needs to discover their own personal talents through experience. Be is inspired by the metaphysical and scientific historical analysis of teaching in a way to change this stigma. With proper spending of federal funds we could create a society of skilled workers that could initiate a fresh effervescence of change. One that creates instead of destroys. One that is environmentally friendly as well as fun for the individual laborer. 

Sony a6000 mirrorless dslr . Used for pictures, videos, and marketing items. In a childs hands a mere $500.00 camera can envelop a mind with future thoughts and foster an optical lasers engineer. Exposing young minds to the complicated aspects of optics is going to create a huge market within society. Look at GoPro cameras. The market shares an interest with individuals interests. Instead of waiting to teach a person to understand light manipulation with 25 years of schooling and ten years experience... why not start their brains cranking out the physical dynamics when they are young. The end game is on in which they can create new theories and experiments decades ahead of the latest generation of aspiring retirees. Our educational system is outdated and basically injects children with a social block their entire adolescent life. The mental block is created with multitudes of information flying at them at all directions without any purpose or guide as to why they are receiving them. Not even the teachers understand why they are teaching this outdated system which crams inundated information into an under developed mind. Education needs to be revisited with a clean understanding of branching neurons.

Free, Windows Movie Maker can create videos with music and titles. The computer applications that kids are using today are getting better. But as to what purpose are they getting into them? To create porn? How about disturbing media? Where is the interjection of good humor and pleasant thoughts? Is our educational system missing a direct guide for the youth to actually become productive adults? Yes. And the fact is that the political system in america has been trying to decide what is best for the youth to know. Its not difficult to see that life consists of two aspects. Reproduction, and making money. Why are we keeping these truths out of our politics? Or should we ask why politics is keeping the knowledge and money from our growing population?

Mixcraft 6 $60.00 is an audio and instrument editor with 392 kb/s capability. Used for narration and making music mixes for videos. Music needs to be addressed as a social issue that corners markets and specific branding. Branding and sales should not depict the way our next generation's mind develops. Especially when certain music and images and actions lead to the destruction of lives and the horror of gang violence. Self worth is missing from our governing standards.

Robo3d R1 3d printer $800.00

3d printers are the future of life. Everything we use in our lives is manufactured. If the 3d printer becomes advanced enough we can use it to do home surgeries, instantly print anything, deliver food, make life saving devices, and create limitless possibilities for assistive technologies. The public should be educated in these technologies early so the creative sparks in their minds ignite early.

Tweco Fabricator 252i MIG, TIG, STICK $2,300 

Welding is an integral part of life. Our society would literally vanish within a year if these machines were not employed all over the country. Its invaluable trades such as these which should be a part of every single persons curriculum. There is no need to hide the magic of liquid hot metals to a few minds that happen to wander into the field unknowingly. Think of the burst of skilled tradesman the united states would have if there were a process by which all people started to understand how manufacturing happened at an early age. It would be the boom of the millennium. Instead of the dimwitted populous that has been articulated from the school systems of America.

14" 2013 Craftsman Bandsaw $160.00

Wood and the renewable resources around us are rarely admired as the constructs for which they are. Life starts housed by lumber and at birth the bassinets of billions are left to gather dust in basements. Where is the gratitude? Where is the recognition for nature in our lives and education? You dont have to be a tree hugger to appreciate the mystery of life, yet the television and movies that depict real life always show negatively the respect for this place we live on and its natural organisms that grow here. We have a huge problem in society and its the disconnect that is taught to children, explaining to them that they are humans and animals are animals. When in fact there is clear evidence that the two are made of the same structures. Our educational system is cost effective and is so in order to create a disconnected continuity between like minds. Telling a child to do good and maintain a healthy environment is worthless without evidence, experience, and engagement. It is not good for business to have a low educated, unhealthy and rarely motivated individual in society. Be can do better.